The digital transformation of learning has changed the way learning functions are in organisation. LearnD can support you to optimise the roles, processes, technologies and the management and development of the learning organisation.

The successful optimisation of the learning function requires insights from global best practice, research, technology innovators and the team itself. LearnD has the methodology, experience, connections and tools to support you through this process.

By combining their global best practice experience with deep and effective analysis of organisation’s needs, the LearnD team guides the development of learning strategy that ensures you achieve your strategic goals.

The team has developed & implemented learning strategies and learning technology strategies for some of Australia’s largest organisations and also provided critical learning insights on ASX 100 companies.

The LearnD team is known and recognised for its blend of commercial, pedagogical, technical and organisational development skills – that ensures the learning strategy is well aligned, effective, achievable and affordable.


The LearnD team are vendor/platform agnostic having vast experience in selecting Learning Technology solutions.

The history of learning technology space is littered with both tremendous transformational leaps forward and many dead ends.  The LearnD team have been successfully guiding large organisations to taking optimal technology decisions for over twenty years.

The team are all trusted thought leaders in this space and can support you in any area from a rigorous LMS selection process to social learning, innovation, collaboration, implementation and design of VR/AR and AI platforms.


LearnD can support you and your team through thoughtful deployments personalized to the needs, habits and motivations of your workforce.

The LearnD team have guided the development of >$80m of learning projects and have added value to the design process at every stage.  By ensuring a deep understanding of the team, the business and the strategy, LearnD is able to deliver a solution that is optimised to business needs.