The world of work is changing rapidly. The acronym V.U.C.A. is often used to describe the trends of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity which are happening in our workplaces. The Australian Future Workforce report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (C.E.D.A.) predicts that 40% of current jobs in Australia will be automated by 2025.

Operating in a volatile and uncertain future requires businesses to rapidly acquire new skills and knowledge. Organisational learning which is nimble and adaptable will be able to meet the challenges posed by a V.U.C.A future.

Does this mean L&D should be automated? Or does it mean L&D needs to work in a radically different way? Could your learning function become an enabler for growth and become a valued partner?

In the first LearnD webinar we will explore how to use a learning eco-system approach to transform and grow your learning function to deal with a volatile and uncertain future.

In the webinar we will explore the impact of V.U.C.A. trends on the:

  • core function of L&D
  • capabilities your L&D team needs
  • technologies your L&D team are using

The audience for this webinar are HR and L&D managers.